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CORE Health Foundation Receives CY Pres Award to Aid Persons with Disabilities Through Research

Initiation of Translational Research Study will enrich lives of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Dec. 20, 2010

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CORE Health Foundation receive Cy Pres Funds to aid Persons with Disabilities through Research

Initiation of Translational Research Study will enrich lives of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

AUSTIN, Texas— The CORE Health Foundation has received an award of $71,226.46 as part of one of the largest “cy pres” awards in Texas history. Cy pres awards are residual funds in class action suits or other legal proceedings that cannot be distributed to the class members or the intended beneficiaries for a variety of reasons. The class action suit, Meyers vs. State of Texas, et al. involved allegations that the state violated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act by charging Texans with disabilities for the standardized blue placards used for parking. Under the cy pres doctrine and Texas law, courts can distribute these residual funds to appropriate charitable causes, and the CORE Health Foundation and over 30 additional disability related non-profits were awarded a total of $6.4 million as appropriate beneficiaries for these funds.

The CORE Health Foundation’s mission is to advocate for people with disabilities in novel ways through research, creation of public works and awareness projects that hasten the removal of attitudinal biases in our society. The use of these funds for the initiation of a translational research study, Resilient Mind, will enrich the lives of individuals who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBI can cause a wide variety of functional changes affecting thinking, sensation, language, emotion and behavior that prohibit many individuals from returning to school or work in addition to difficulties in family functioning. The CORE Health Foundation seeks to offer solutions to improve the independence and quality of life of individuals with TBI and their families. By uncovering the treatment factors that support ‘neuroplasticity’—the brain’s ability to change—and applying them to rehabilitative efforts, The CORE Health Foundation is poised to dramatically change the treatment of brain injuries through advanced treatment interventions that emphasize restorative functioning of the brain.

Jim Misko, Psy.D., Vice President of the CORE Health Foundation, stated “These funds will be beneficial for a multitude of individuals who suffer from disabilities. Beyond Brain Injury, the techniques we refine and help to pioneer will have direct and immediate applications for many types of brain conditions and disorders, including mental illness, substance abuse, development disorders, dementia and aging. By bringing brain recovery therapies out of the lab and directly to patients, our research can change the human condition.”


About the CORE Health Foundation
The CORE Health Foundation was established in 2006 by leading experts in the fields of brain injury and recovery who came together through their work at CORE Health Care, a specialty residential treatment facility in Dripping Springs, Texas, for people with traumatic brain injuries, complex psychiatric disorders, autism and other special needs.

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