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About the Foundation

For people with disabilities, barriers often stand in the way of full participation in society. While physical and economic challenges are obvious, others, such as attitudinal barriers, are not. These attitudinal barriers can range from pity to fear, and in some cases, even include hatred and violence. The CORE Health Foundation strives to help eliminate these discriminatory barriers while improving the transition for those trying to cross them.

The CORE Health Foundation was established in 2006 by leading experts in the fields of brain injury and recovery who came together through their work at CORE Health Care, a specialty residential treatment facility for individuals with traumatic brain injuries, complex psychiatric disorders, autism, or other special needs.

The Foundation’s initial scope of activities included the creation of public works that foster opportunities for people with disabilities to interact with the general public on equal terms, free of cultural stereotypes.

Through its partnership with CORE Health Care, the CORE Health Foundation also bridges cutting-edge neuroscience research with real-world patient care to identify how the brain responds to specific therapies—offering real hope for true neurological recovery.

The CORE Health Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is working under the brand Resilient Mind to educate professionals, make neuroplasticity a household concept, help individuals and families to be better advocates for loved ones with brain injury, and offer hope that survivors of brain injury can improve their life situation over time.  [ Learn more ]